Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pack your bag with Bgrentals.com Travel Checklist

With so many things to remember before your travel, it's sometimes hard to know where to start. Let Bgrentals.com give you a helping hand with our Travel Checklist. Because everybody's needs are different, our holiday checklist may not cover everything and some things may not apply to you. Anyway, we have included a great number of essential items to reduce the stress of packing and preparing for your trip.

Are you ready to pack your bags?

1. Necessary items:

- Passports (with visas if required) + a copy of each passport
- Airline tickets
- Cash - in Leva and in Euro
- Credit or Debit card
- ID card and Driving licence
- Health insurance
- Home keys
- Mobile phone + charger 
- Camera
- Your rental villa confirmation from Bgrentals.com
- Contact numbers and postal address of Bgrentals.com office and Villa Manager
- Rental car confirmation
- Road description from the airport to the villa (or the meeting point with the Villa Manager)
- Road map of Bulgaria

2. Main luggage:

- Clothes, including jacket, sweatshirt or jumper for colder evenings
- Shoes and shoe polisher
- Underwear and socks
- Swimwear
- Sun glasses and reading glasses
- Sun cream, after sun lotion and lip-salve 
- Beach towels
- Sun hat
- Flip-flops
- Nightgown / pyjamas
- Toiletries - tooth brush, tooth paste, bath soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving supplies, cosmetics etc.
- Hairbrush, comb
- Nail-scissors, emery board
- Watch and jewellery
- Wallet
- Medicines and prescriptions (if needed), basic First Aid kit, insects bite cream
- Basic sewing kit
- Handkerchiefs, Moist anti-bac wipes and plastic bags
- Travel sweets, snacks and drinks
- Cigarettes, if you are smoker

3. Entertainment items:

- Pen and paper/ notebook
- Books, magazines
- Translation dictionary / phrase book
- Crosswords, puzzles
- DVD films
- CD-s
- MP3 player
- Children games
- Playing cards
- Laptop (please, check with Bgrentals.com, whether the villa offers Wi-Fi)

If you have a late arrival flight, do not forget to order a Welcome pack at your villa with Bgrentals.com. Options available here.


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