Monday, December 13, 2010

Rent an Eco-Friendly Villa in Bulgaria

Although the enviromental concerns in Bulgaria are not developed at the required level, Villa Lilly has been designed and built as an "Eco-friendly accommodation", because owners love and respect the local area. With this project they give their small contribution to preserving the local resourses.
Rent an eco-friendly villa in Bulgaria
What is making Lilly an Eco-friendly property?
  • The villa has 7 solar panels in the yard, which provide the heating of the water tank in the villa.
  • All garden lights are set with an energy saving bulbs.
  • The house has a heat insulation, which is keeping the villa airy enough and helps the guests use the cooling airconditioners only at the very hot summer days.
  • Additionally the WC-s in the house have a half-flushing button to save the water consumption.
  • Because it is more environmentally efficient to dry clothes outside in the summer rather than using an electric dryer, in the villa are provided a clothes line and clothes pins.
  • The green policy of the villa encourages guests to use the washing mashine and the dishwasher only at full capacity, taking shower, instead of bath, air-conditioners to be swiched off, when guests are not at the villa and shutting the tap when brushing teeths or shaving.
Choosing Villa Lilly for your vacation and keeping the green policy of the villa, you are contributing to a greener world.

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