Friday, February 4, 2011 on TOP positions in Google for more than 4 years

For owners, who doubt on whether to advertise on webpage, hereby we are giving you a proof how easy the rental clients can find us in the search engines. The SEO of has been targeted different key words, but focused on “rentals”, “Bulgaria”, “villas”, “apartments”, which over the last 4 years gave the website constantly web presence on the first pages. Check this out:

1 page / 1-st position:  “Rental villas in Bulgaria 
1 page / 1-st position: “Rent a villa in Bulgaria”
1 page / 1-st position: “Family villa in Bulgaria
1 page / 2-nd position: “Rent an apartment in Bulgaria
1 page / 3-th position: “Holiday villas in Bulgaria
1 page / 3-th position: “Holiday rentals in Bulgaria

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